Change and Process

Understanding change through time.

A landscape is a space that is always evolving, it is never stagnant. It becomes a living laboratory, where only time can tell how the space will grow, and there are different aspects a landscape architect needs to take into account while designing a space. Aspects such as growth over time in terms of plantations and trees of a site, seasonal factors and how the site responds to them, water phenomenon, as to how water will react to the site in several periods, and maintenance and utility of the site. One factor that intrigued me during this study was the phenomenon of ‘Seasons’ and how a site would react and change with summer, fall, winter, and spring. To analyze the same, I took a part area of a space I designed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and represented my findings using models, supported by conceptual sketches and diagrams. The site was observed as a combination of foreground and background, as responding to the design of the site. It was interesting to understand the difference in materiality of a site, through seasonal change, and how the landscape becomes an interactive element with the season, whereas the built remains an unchanged entity.


Type: Academic project
Location: Urbana-Champaign, IL
Area: Part plan
Year: January 2023