A dialogue of Architecture

Srina Desai



Hello, I’m Srina Desai a practicing Architect and an aspiring Landscape Architect. I’m a creatively curious person who loves to explore the field of the built environment. An avid learner, strong observer and a good problem solver, I learn and understand from my surroundings. I believe in crafting people centric spaces and I strive to achieve that in my planning and designs. Architecture is a grand dialogue, and goes beyond designing spaces and this space is to inspire that dialogue with theArchitecture community.

Who is Srina?

Srina is a licensed architect in India, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Landscape Architecture. She is also an architectural content creator and shares her life as an architect along with her academic and professional works. She aims to connect professionals from the field of built environment, where they can share, learn and explore together.

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