River Aire by Superpositions

revealing processes in a Landscape Architecture Project Landscape architecture projects are in a constant state of evolution, never reaching full completion. Their beauty is found in the unfolding process of nature, shaping spatial character. To understand this further I took up a case study in Geneva, Switzerland done by Georges Descombes where the project uses […]

Abstract of Landscapes

Chicago in various moods I have visited Chicago plenty of times, but recently¬† I visited as a Landscape Architect and I had the privilege to explore the city through its various landscape projects. It was interesting to learn about the various developments that have happened in the city, splendid urban design, and landscape projects that […]

Change and Process

Understanding change through time. A landscape is a space that is always evolving, it is never stagnant. It becomes a living laboratory, where only time can tell how the space will grow, and there are different aspects a landscape architect needs to take into account while designing a space. Aspects such as growth over time […]

Exhibition Stall Design

Stall Design for Real Estate Exhibition Previous Next The client required a temporary stall for their project display at a Real Estate Property show. The design idea was for the stall to resonate with the language of the brand of the developers, which was luxury and minimalism. The stall consisted of display walls, seating area […]